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Day 6

Today we had an average morning with breakfast at 8. We thought today was going to be rainy, but we were pleased to see that it turned out to be a very nice day with the sun shining. The Haitian family has more food and supplies that we brought. We have now officially given out 9 suitcases full of supplies. It was very heart warming to see how thankful they were. Now Yuppie has more medicine and supplies for his clinic and the children are ready to start their school year. The preschool is finished being painted and has a variety of new children’s characters depicted on the walls around the room, such as Winnie the Pooh, Dora, and some flowers as well. Wilson also surprised us with boogie rides in Ceibo near the preschool. We were able to spend time with Wilson and his family; we shared a fresh fish dinner. Lots of planning for tomorrow, 8 families need food in Hoya Clara. Joel’s church has arranged for a truck to bring us to Hoya Clara. It is a difficult decision to decide what to bring to families who have so little, so we decided to go $250 over our budget, so that we will be able to give them more. We have all made many new friends and now Caroline is even friends with Yuppie on Facebook.