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Day 5

Beautifully sunny yet quite sweltering, today started off like any other, with us meeting at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and leaving no later than 9:00 a.m to embark on our trip for the day. On our agenda was to make sure the pre-school got painted and visit the mountain school to distribute supplies. On our way, we stopped in Higuey and picked up some paint for the preschool. We plan to head back to the preschool tomorrow to finish decorating the walls with previously hung up posters and character designs spaced all over the walls. While we were there, we ran into Rayme, a boy who had had two clubfeet that Light of Hope had met and helped on one of the original mission trips ten years ago. He was now walking without any trouble thanks to the surgery Suffield paid for. The sight of seeing him walk so swiftly was beyond amazing. We also picked up a new guitar for Joel’s church after bartering with the salesman for a while. They had also wanted a drum set for the church as well, however it was too expensive to buy both. We wish we did have more money to help make the purchase but plan to fundraise back at home in time for the next trip. The next stop we visited was the Haitian family. There we brought them food such as rice, beans, oil, noodles, vegetables, fish and salami. As always, they were very grateful with bright smiles all around. After talking for a bit, we ventured just down the road to the mountain school. There we distributed school supplies and clothing to about 45 children that were gathered in the building, all sitting in chairs sitting in good spirits. Everything went much smoother than we expected and every child left the school with something new, school supplies and an item of clothing in their hands.  We even managed to find to time to distribute cookies and lemonade to the kids. It was especially helpful to have our friend Doctor Yuppie Martinez with us, who helped with the translation between the crowd of children and us. He is the doctor who works at the local clinic, we made a stop on our way home to drop off all new medical supplies that we had bought earlier this week. Last stop of the day was a quick one at Wilson’s grandmother’s village. We dropped off a backpack, and a Nacho Workbook a little girl needed it for school. Although too shy to speak her thanks, her smile spoke more than words. Armarilli had a bag of Avocados for us too. It was a great way to end the day, and hope tomorrow we have just a great of a day.