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Day 4

We had a lovely breakfast today. All the food tasted wonderful. We first went off to the preschool to deliver the paint and Wilson found two men to do the job. They got the top half of the walls and the ceiling painted, then later informed us that the entire school would be done tomorrow. Then we stopped at another pharmacy to pick up more prescription we could not obtain the other day.  After another long wait for the medicine we went back to Wilson’s village. There we decided to introduce Fuze Beads to the Dominican children. Due to the mess of kids trying to get their designs ironed, the whole fiasco was a little hectic but still fun. The children loved it! Their designs were beautiful, and very unique.  Sue worked very hard not to break any as she ironed each one and at the same time tried to prevent all the kids from grabbing the scalding hot, just ironed, beads.  In the end we distracted all the children with ice cream to stop them from making any more designs.  Meanwhile, another mission group showed up and brought some other crafts for the children to do.  While they talked to them, we took a lunch break. Wilson’s wife, Amaryllis, made delicious chicken and fries, with a fresh salad. We then brought our supplies from the car to the inside of Wilson’s house. After we leave Sunday, Wilson becomes the distributer. He supplies people with the stuff they need. After a long day, we drove back to the hotel, blasting music and singing along.