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Day 3

We woke up on another beautiful sunny day today and were pleasantly surprised that Wilson was early in picking us up today. We set off to visit Elvis and his family where we gave them clothes, and checked in on Elvis’s foot. It’s looking very good, and all that is needed to help it is physical therapy. After chatting for a bit we departed to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions and various medicines that Yuppie needed for the clinic and the medicine the people at Wilson’s grandmother’s village also needed. After two hours full of some serious bargaining between Caroline, Wilson and the pharmacist, we set off to find a super market to pick up food for Elvis’s family and the Haitian family. In addition to the food, we got Elvis’s family a new stove, after learning earlier in the morning that theirs is no longer working. Arriving back at Elvis’s house, we carried all the food and the stove where we were greeted with grateful smiles. Our last stop for the day was Wilson’s grandmother’s village. We gave out the medicine and were able to play with the children for a little bit. As always, the children were ecstatic to see us and enjoyed having their pictures taken. Winsor (Wilson’s son) enjoyed taking photos with the Bauchiero’s camera. After departing the village we arrived back at the hotel and were able to have a little down time before dinner. Although we spent about half our money today, it was worth it to know that we were able to help people attain their necessary medication. We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.