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Day 2

After waking up very early to catch our flight and going to bed very late after attending the beautiful service at Joel’s church, we all slept like babies! We met in Sue’s room at 8:00 to unpack and organize the abundance of supplies we were able to bring. We sorted them by category: medicine, school supplies, clothes, and crafts. Then, Wilson picked us up and we headed to the preschool to evaluate their status and decide what we are going to paint on the walls. Also, we ended up distributing supplies to many of the children in the area. We were surprised to find out that the teacher (Linda) is going to have a hysterectomy on August 13th; we need to keep her in our prayers. Then we headed to Wilson’s grandmother’s store and village. At the village we were able to assist many people by providing medicine, pencils, and baby clothes. One old man especially touched our hearts by repeatedly saying, “Somebody cares about me.” We were also able to collect some prescriptions that we are going to refill tomorrow. After the visit, we headed off to the clinic where we met Yuppi. On the way, we stopped to purchase a native fruit called lemoncita, everyone enjoyed the exotic treat and we were glad to help a local salesman who was eight years old. He informed us that he was getting lots of patients and we were pleased to know that people were taking advantage of the care he offered. We received a list of supplies that he needed to restock the clinic and plan to fulfill as much of his requests as possible. Then we visited the Haitian family and they were very excited and grateful to see us. We were able to provide shoes and/or clothes to every member of the family. In addition to apparel, we gave a pencil to each child. After emptying the backpack that the baby clothes were in, we gave it to one of the Haitian children. Her reaction was heartwarming; she was literally jumping with joy. On our way back to the hotel, we gave Hattie a huge thank you for serving as our go to girl for translation. When we arrived back at the hotel, we had a little free time until we met for dinner. All in all, it was a successful day and we can’t wait for tomorrow!