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Day 1

Today we arrived in Punta Cana on time and had no problems getting through customs. The suitcases worked like a charm. Pastor Joel was there to meet us and we were very happy to see him and he was happy to see us. We met Wilson the taxi driver outside and were able to stuff all of us and our things in one taxi including all eleven suitcases. Checking in at the hotel was very, very slow but all of our rooms are nice which is a plus. We befriended a bellhop named Cesar who was very helpful in bringing all our suitcases to the third floor of the hotel, which had no elevator. At 7:30, we met Wilson and headed towards Joel’s church. The service was lovely with beautiful dancing, speaking, and singing. The singing was very long and repetitive, which meant we were able to sing all the words after nine minutes! Davy (age 8) played the organ and many of the songs were presented to us through a projector. We noticed that they really needed a new microphone. Also, they asked for a drum set to add to their progressing musical worship. The kids were happy to see us and wandered around throughout the service checking in on us. After two and a half hours, we headed home and slept after our long day of travel. Unfortunately, we were unable to get food and internet by the time we returned to the hotel. Thank goodness for pizza!