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Day 6 - “Scrubbed In” (mending hearts and mending feet)

Today we got up and out early. We met Wilson at around 9 o’clock, where he told us that Elvis and his entire family had been waiting for us since 7 this morning. When we arrived at their house, they were all smiles. We were surprised that both the mother and the father wanted to come, but we welcomed them with open arms (11 in a car makes for an interesting ride). 

We got to the clinic at 10 o’clock and checked Elvis in. We were rather surprised with the informal setting of the hospital, but were happy that he got in. Elvis was a little shell-shocked since it was only his second time being in a hospital, his
first time being yesterday. Kim and Caroline followed Wilson, Elvis, and Geral (the father) and watched as Elvis got his vitals checked. He was very nervous, but we had toy cars to give him, which helped calm him down. After he was all set, we went upstairs and met with the rest of the group. Elvis and Geral were taken into the surgery area, while Ben tried to use his Spanish to get Caroline and Kim in to watch the surgery (they are both interested in the medical field). With some prayers it worked and Kim and Caroline were both scrubbed in to watch. The surgery was quite different from the United States, but was better than we thought. The operation room was clean, but some things surprised us; such as the way they sterilized medical equipment (they wrapped their supplies in brown paper bags) and the lack of medical staff present at any given time of the surgery. At some points, Caroline and Kim were asked to help. 

All in all, the surgery went really well. One funny moment was when Elvis started to wake up. In a repetitive mumble, he kept saying, “Ah Dios Mio” which translate to “Oh My God.” Kim and Caroline were so appreciative when the nurses let them go and tell the parents that Elvis was okay. They shed tears of joy and gave many hugs. 

Elvis will stay overnight with his mother and we will take him home tomorrow. He will not be able to walk for one-month minimum since part of his surgery was inserting metal rods in his feet. We have decided that to make his one-month less boring, we are going to buy him a DVD player. 

While Kim and Caroline were watching the surgery, the rest of the group went shopping for supplies for the schools and Inglesia (church). The group accidentally took all of Kim and Caroline’s belongings so they had to sit around in their scrubs for a while. 

After we knew that Elvis was all tucked in to his room, we brought the father home and went to visit Joel and Elizabeth’s house to check on the progress of the construction of the church. Everything is going well and it should be done by Saturday. 

We came home and had a great dinner, with ice cream, and are going to bed for a busy day tomorrow.
Sue, Corey, Kim, Alicia, Ben and Caroline