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Day 5 - “Gaurdia de Dios” (Elvis at the Clinica)

This morning after breakfast, apparently we were all on Island time instead of Wilson so we were a couple minutes late for him. As soon as we got in the car we drove straight to the Mountain Village. 

First Stop! The Haitian family LOH had met during previous visits.  We stopped in to bring them clothing and medicine. The mother and the children were very grateful and she blessed us on our journey. We gave them a lot of clothes that would fit them and they could grow in to. A little more charades with the medicine and they understood quickly. This was the first time today Caroline was able to use her French although of course their first language was Spanish. 

Second Stop! La Clinica, (the Clinic) was where we met up with the doctor to give him extra supplies and ask him what we could do for him. This man we had met before spoke English very well and was excited to see us return. While he was very pleased with the supplies we had brought, he only asked for one necessity for our next return. He was very specific that he needed Losartan and we noticed how humble that was of him, considering he could have asked for much more. 

Third Stop! It was our first time in la escuela, (a school). It was a two room building where there were about 20 students sitting nicely at desks in rows awaiting our arrival. As soon as we walked in, just as any classroom of students would speak in unison, they greeted Alicia with lots of enthusiasm. We pulled out a plethora of school supplies including many crayons, markers, pencils, paper, and of course, more rainbow loom bracelets. Soon, every student was making a bracelet, necklace, or ring. Ben held an excellent conversation with el Professor (the teacher) and the doctor even stopped by not long after we arrived. Caroline decided to dump out a puzzle while Alicia tried to keep an upset three year old happy by handing him crayons and bracelets. We we’re having a great time in the school and it was awesome to see all the supplies we had brought them in the past being used. 

Last but especially not least! Meeting and bringing Elvis to the Hospital! Last August, LOH was blessed to have been introduced to one of the most kind hearted three year olds that had trouble walking. He has an extremely clubbed foot and did not have any money to fix this problem before it continued to get worse. Simple tasks such as, helping around the house, play with friends, working with his father on the farm, or simply walking and running were nearly impossible due to his condition. His father had told us that every time someone found a peso they would put it in the jar under their bed, in hopes to one day save enough money for surgery to fix his foot, and in hopes to one day live a fulfilled life. With the grace of God we were faithful enough to cross paths. When we heard Elvis' story and talked to his father (Mr. Marcos) that we would try to fix his foot as soon as possible, he asked if we were guardian angels that were sent from God, (Gaurdia de Dios). 

After a long day waiting at the Hospital for blood to get drawn, X-rays to be taken and a surgery to be scheduled, and even now six months later with a lot of determination and faith, Elvis is getting surgery tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Island time where Caroline and Kim will be lucky enough to watch along side while Sue, Corey, Ben, and Alicia go to the preschool! Please say a prayer for Elvis and his family tonight to ensure a safe surgery, a speedy recovery and a wonderful start to a new life.

Before we headed back to the hotel for a late dinner we stopped in the Joel and Elizabeth’s to check on the construction being done on the stairs. There were already quite a lot of supplies that had been dropped off. Now we patiently await construction that will be done within the next couple of days. 

Buenos Noches,