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Day 4 - “Over the river and through the woods” (to Hoya Clara we go)

Today started off with a brisk breakfast at 8 o’clock this morning. By 9 o’clock, we arrived at a grocery store where we divided into teams and purchased food necessities for seven families. Each family received: a bag of arroz (rice), two bags of beans, a carton of acietes (oil), dried and salted (and smelly) pescados (fish), powdered leche (milk), tomato sauce, pollos (chicken) flavoring, bouillon cubes and seasoning, salami, pasta noodles, vegetables, cereal to make goody bags, and huevos (eggs). 

After, we went back to Elizabeth and Joel’s house to look at the work that needs to be done. We are planning on putting on a railing/ wall on the stairs that leads to the church. As of right now, there are none and it is dangerous for everyone coming and going from the church.  

A flatbed truck came to pick us up and we all hoped in the back with Wilson, Davey, and Christopher. Our ride consisted of all types of terrain: highways to off-roading. When we were off-roading, there was a ton of praying. It was such a joy to travel with our good friend Carlos, who speaks English well. His mother was born and raised in Hoya Clara and it was exciting to see where she grew up. Unfortunately, Carlos was afraid that the truck would not be able to make it back up the giant hill that we needed to go down to reach the village. Therefore, we walked. It was approximately a half-mile, downhill, and the families met us halfway under a hut. Lucky for us, we did not have to carry the groceries because men on horses and donkeys came to help with our loads. 

When we arrived with our provisions, we were surprised at how organize, patient, and humble the families were. They gladly let us lay out and organize our stuff and only took what they needed when they were told to. 

We saw Moses again, who seemed to be happy and strong. There were two new babies as well, whom we all shared the pleasure of holding. First, we gave out clothes and shoes, which they took graciously and were very excited about. Next, we organized the food into family groups and each family took their pile. 

Sue stayed to visit the families, and the rest of us went to see the pond that Hoya Clara is named after. The water was legitimately blue, almost as if someone had dumped in food dye. There were many ducks, fish, and two peacocks. We couldn’t resist and Ben, Alicia, Kim, and Caroline took a leap of faith and jumped in. The water was the perfect temperature and really refreshing after a hot day. 
We walked back and found Sue surrounded by loving families. They were so grateful that one little girl said that she would come all this way (its about an hour walk for them) to come and see us even if we did not
bring anything. It was really nice to hear. 

We got back in the truck, and the truck ride was worse than the ride there since we had to go twice as fast up the mountainous terrain. We dropped the truck back off at Joel’s and met a baby who lived next door. He seemed genuinely happy, but had many symptoms of dwarfism. The mother wanted Kim to fix the poor child. It is sad when we come upon things that are just sad and there is nothing we can do. 

We got back in the car and got home by 5. We ate dinner and are now packing and preparing for tomorrow. 

Sue, Corey, Alicia, Kim, Ben, and Caroline