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Day 2

This morning breakfast was at 9 am! Kim and Alicia got a nice jog to the beach before our beautiful warm day began and after a hearty breakfast we all had a meeting to organize and discuss plans. 

Since the new hotel didn't allow outside visitors we decided that today would be mostly an organizational day other than Joel’s Service this evening. Next we emptied all 11 bags of donations and organized them into piles according to academic majors/ strengths. Kim and Caroline put together all the pharmaceuticals and medicines in to a closet and it turns out we have quite a bit! Alicia had a corner full of school supplies with many crayons. Ben and Corey organized a lot of candy and toys for the children and Sue piled up and gathered all of our specific gifts for Joel and Wilson's families.  

After lunch we got ready to head to Joel’s home for Service.  When we arrived it was organized chaos, we had many gifts to give and children to play with. We had a drum set for David, a PSP game set for Christopher, clothes for Elizabeth, lotion for Elizabeth’s mother and the piano from yesterday for Joel. The most enjoyable time was spent playing with the children.  For all the kids we brought a play nativity scene and some rainbow loom bands to make bracelets!

After some time to play we headed upstairs for Service in the small room. The Service was held in the same room that our group had built on previous trips. It was exciting to see the new piano in use and the music and entire service was very interesting and moving. Everyone was so thankful for our visit and it was great to see the impact we have made thus far. At the end of the Service, we passed out toothbrushes, pencils, and eggs filled with candy.

Today was Three Kings Day and tonight, similar to Christmas Eve, is when the three Kings come to put candy and goodies in children’s shoes instead of stockings! For Wilson’s family, we gave him a PSP game set and a kindle fire to put in their shoes. It should be an exciting day for them tomorrow. 

We are back at the hotel, and after a nice Mexican meal, we are tired and ready for bed. Happy Three Kings Eve to all and to all a good night!