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Day 6 - How Many Batptists Does it Take?

The plan was to treat Sunday as the day of rest and invite Joel and Wilson's family to come to our hotel for a visit. We were successful in inviting them but the relaxing part proved illusive.

They arrived at 9:15 and we all headed right to breakfast.  The kids were full of excitement and ready for fun. The day turned out to be a great opportunity to sit down and talk to Joel and Elizabeth about their hopes and ideas for the church and the new classroom. They explained that there is a lot of need in their congregation but the numbers are growing. We asked how we could best continue to help going forward.  We all decided that the most important thing we need to do was stay in better communication.  Facebook was selected as the best solution with each of us should attempt to translate into the other language.  We also agreed that both Joel and Wilson would upload photos of the construction every day until it was complete.

The beach is about a 10 minute walk from the pool but that didn't stop the children from constantly wanting to switch from one to the other.  Elizabeth and Joel took a nice peaceful walk, Wilson crashed in Ernie and Ben's room to relax and watch TV.

For our last full day Wilson had offered to let us go Zip Lining with one of his friends but after a quick group meeting we decided to pool our left over personal money and make a trip out to Hoya Clara to see how the farming supplies and seeds that were brought in August worked out.

At the end of the evening after many trips to the buffet we all got together for one last discussion about what we were able to accomplish and what we still needed to get done.  Long after the discussion was over we refused to stop the conversation in an attempt to delay the inevitable goodbyes.
Seeing the children's smiling faces out the window waving and blowing kisses as they drove away is a moment that will stay with us for a long time.