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Day 4 - The Longest Day

The day started very similar to the day before, Wilson was miraculously early so we piled in and headed to Joel's house.

Hector and Ramonzeto were already hard at work on the third wall when we arrived.  Everyone was excited to find that David could speak french to Hector making the project much easier to understand.  B+Team got to work moving the fill with pots and pans from the kitchen while A-Team waved goodbye on their way to the mountain school.

The trip to the long dirt road that leads to the mountain school went by quick and soon the A-Team made it to the school. When we first entered the students appeared skeptical but once they understood that we were giving out balls and supplies they quickly became very excited that we were there. We had footballs to hand out and the children were confused as to what to do with such an oddly shaped ball, but once we showed them how to throw it, they were very happy and started playing catch with us. We spoke with the teacher, Jose, who said he was doing well and was very happy. It was great to hear that he was "muy contento." 

After we had handed out all our supplies and played for a bit, we were on our way back down the mountain - with students from the school running after us. We passed the clinic, but it was closed - the people in the village told us the doctor wasn't showing up consistently  We made it to our "family in the mountains" and they were extremely excited to see us. We had a bag of supplies specifically for them - some clothes, blankets, toys and school supplies. We had a look around their house and the mother told us that the roof on their house needed to be replaced. There were holes all over the roof and she said when it rains, it rains in the house. We decided right then and there that we would do what we could to help fix that. After we said our goodbyes to the family, we headed down the rocky road to our "painter family." They were also pleased to see us. We brought the boys a new ball and gave the mother a few trinkets and pain medicine. We were about to leave and someone came up with a bottle of Coca-Cola they had just purchased, so we stayed for a little longer as they went to the effort to entertain their guests. After we chatted a bit longer, the A-team was on their way back to Joel's to see what the B+Team was up to.

We were so impressed with the progress that we may need to give B+Team a new name.  They had worked hard in the new garden, moving fill and topsoil. Corey fought off a snake but they told us they weren't any poisonous snacks on the island. Ray and Dave  removed brush and garbage that had beeen there for years. As they threw it over the fence another family was there and scavenging it for anything they could use.

They had met a new friend Eddie who spoke English and jumped right in to help. Before long we had the  fill done and an inch of topsoil on it too. While they had been waiting for the next delivery we shared food with the workers, (avacado, chicken and rice) We used lots of sunscreen and drank lots of water.After lunch The children grabbed pots and pans and everyone worked together.Dave enjoyed  leading the children like the pied piper to the ice cream store. Many of the kids had never had ice cream and as they ate it so slowly Sue and Dave worried that parents might be getting nervous about us being gone so long. Christopher told people Sue was his Aunt and parents seemed fine with the outing.

Sue enjoyed going to the plant store and getting Elizabeth some nice flowers and vegetable plants that she had been wanting but could never plant before.

Dinner was on the run and we were off to the Preschool for a movie "The Miracles of Jesus" in Spanish  We were late but as the taxi made the corner and we could hear the children cheer. How exciting to be able to enjoy their first movie experience with them. We brought a snack of cookies and apple juice. It was dark and there was no electricity so as Ben and Corey and Helen pored juice with the lights from their phones Wilson turned the taxi around and we all shared a snack  in the the light from the the taxi. Great Night!

When we got back to the hotel they treated us to dinner at a Steak Restaurant  after seeing the meat hanging outside Ray was the only one brave enough to try it. We had seafood and chicken and lots of salad.