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Day 3

Wilson was early!  We managed to get all the way to Joel's before 9:30am.  Our site foreman Hector was already hard at work so the A-Team (Scott, Ernie, Jen, Helen & Ben) jumped in to start moving concrete blocks to the roof. There were 325 blocks (estimated 40ish lbs each) to carry around the house and up the stairs. We quickly formed a "bucket brigade" and sent enough blocks up the stairs for Hector to place on the walls. Once that first step was done, there was a break in the action. Sue had decided the day before that 
if there was any down time then we should make a garden for Elizabeth in the area near the entrance to the back yard.  Because Hector and his friend were such good workers A-Team found themselves with enough time to clean out the area and arranged for fill and topsoil to be delivered.

It was during the cleaning of the garden area that Jen and Helen were surprised by a 5 inch scorpion that ran out from under a rock.  One of the local kids did not hesitate to come to the rescue by stomping on the bug with his flip-flop.  Soon after the fill arrived we realized it was far rockier than expected, so moving the fill turned into a big project.  Scott and Ben were surprised to find how seamlessly they were able to work with Hector who spoke no English.  After a quick but delicious lunch provided by Elizabeth the team decided that the first priority was to finish moving the blocks so that the B+Team wouldn't have to the next day.  With frequent water breaks the job got done while Joel convinced Ernie to take the motorcycle with him to the hardware store to buy the rest of the supplies for the roof.  Ernie said that the ride wasn't too bad but his eyes were closed so it is difficult to tell.  Once the blocks were safely on the roof, Elizabeth told Jen that her cousin was having heart palpitations (by tapping rapidly on her chest) and that she wasn't feeling well. Jen felt her pulse and took her blood pressure to find that her pressure was on the low side, but with some additional water she started feeling better.  Elizabeth mentioned that she drank a lot of coffee. Jen was able to explain that she was drinking too much coffee and too little water. Little Davey then opened up a clinic for the team where he took everyone's blood pressure and gave them the appropriate diagnosis.

Meanwhile the B+Team (Sue, Ray, David, Corey) was off to the preschool and Wilson's grandmother's village.  They were excited to find that one of the newborns that Corey and Jen met the first year was now a healthy and funny 3 year old.  The village quickly brought out chairs and gathered around while the team handed out jump ropes, tylonol, reading glasses , rubber bracelets, vitamins, balls, and other supplies.  The next stop was the preschool where everyone enjoyed making necklaces and bracelets...and activity in which Ray excelled. Professor Linda was so excited to see us that we plan on going back Friday to watch movies with the kids.  After the school, the van stopped at a hardware store and office supply to get whiteboards and supplies for the next day.

At the hardware store with Joel, Ernie decided that riding back on the motorcycle wasn't the best idea, so he arranged to have B+Team pick them up on the way back  After some wrap up work we finally called it a day. With two walls standing at Joel's and all of the material in place we felt good about our progress.

As a side note, it came to our attention that some of the blog from yesterday needed clarification.  We went to the phone store first to get local cell phones because they are much cheaper for us to call each other, Joel and Wilson.  Later we went to the phone company that provides the internet where Ben figured out that we hard earned a lot of bonus points because of the internet we provide to Joel and Wilson.