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Day 2

The morning started off with breakfast at 8am where everyone grabbed a little something extra for Wilson (he appreciated everything other then the squashed peanut butter and banana sandwich...).  The plan was to split up into two teams with some going to buy building supplies with Wilson and the rest would stay back and organize and pack the donations. At just about the time Wilson was supposed to pick us up, we received a call from him to tell us his van broke down. While he made his way to La Romana to get a different van for us to use, we all spent the time organizing the many donations.

With our supplies fully organized and packed we piled into the new van (big enough for all of us!) and were on our way to Joel's house.  As we were getting out of the van, Jen looked up just in time to see Joel's youngest son Davey running at her for a hug.  Elizabeth gave us a tour of what we were going to be working on and surprised us with a lunch of rice and chicken.  Joel's friend Hector arrived shortly after to take command as the site manager for our project.

Once a shopping list was finalized we piled back in the van and headed to the hardware store to let Wilson work his magic and get us what we need at the lowest price.  He did not disappoint. He was able to get the bill down from the original estimate of $3,000 to $1,250!

Back at Joel's house we were able to spend some time playing with Christopher and Davey who were excited to show us some Youtube videos of games.  Ben, Ernie and Wilson walked down to the local wireless store to find the best deal on phones.  The language barrier was beginning to be an issue with the employee, but Ben was able to come to the rescue with a translation of "Bonus Points" that explained why they were going to give us such a discount.

The rain picked up on our way to the hotel so we were grateful to be heading back.  Tomorrow will be the first day of construction for half of the group and a trip to some of the schools and clinics with the other half.