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Day 1

We have arrived!  It was an uneventful trip down with only a short layover in Charlotte.  The excitement began, as usual, when we arrived at customs in Punta Cana.  Sue and Joel had done a lot of work to make sure all of the appropriate paperwork was completed but part of the process was that a medical official needed to review all incoming medicine.  Apparently no one mentioned to Joel that a local medical official had not been appointed to this region yet so after a long wait we were able to get approved through by an official of some sort.

All of the bags and team headed to the hotel while Ernie and Wilson went to buy some cheap local phones.  The adjustment to "Dominican Time" started to sink in when our team meeting at 5pm turned into 7pm by the time Wilson, Ernie and Joel made it back.  In the mean time a made a lot of progress was made organizing the bags in Sue and Ray's room, with 18 bags they are going to have a hard time finding space to sleep.

Once the whole team was together a plan for the next few days was developed.  Everyone will stay together tomorrow and prepare for the work at Joels while trying to finalize pricing using Wilson's contacts.

It is amazing how well the new members of the mission are fitting in with the veterans, spirits are high and everyone is excited to get started.