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Day 5

There's nothing better than waking up and knowing that you will make a difference in peoples lives today. Thankfully,the eight of us have been blessed with this privilege for the last five days. Today we started off at the beautiful, tranquil beaches of Macao. We swam in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Dominican Coast, then basked in the sun until it was time to visit Wilson's Grandmother's village. Here we delivered the photos that were taken when we handed out supplies Monday. The grins and giggles were bubbly enough to make us forget that it was close to 100 degrees outside and each home we entered had no AC and rarely did we come across a fan. There was a sigh of relief when we entered the air conditioned van as we headed down the bumpy road to our final destination of the day. When we pulled up to the preschool we entered the doors only to find a classroom of smiling children and teachers anxious to play games and receive supplies. Bingo, was the first activity on our list. Unable to fully explain the game, learning how to play depended on watching the examples that we demonstrated. The kids caught on and when they won, received a PEEP. Boy, could you tell by the looks on their faces that they have never had so much sugar in one food before! With instruction from Melissa we figured out how to make a simple duck tape bracelet that were a success. All of the preschoolers loved them and even a couple moms wanted to have one. Our outing to the preschool ended with a few more short films about Bible stories that the all of the kids seemed to like. The projected films are always a hit! We arrived at the hotel around five and some of us hit the pool while others rested in their rooms. Around seven we met for dinner and then departed to ours rooms, we need lots of rest for a task you will hear about tomorrow! Adios amigos!