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Day 4

Today we started at 9:00, Wilson picked us up right on time. We headed for his Grandmother's village. She was happy to see us we talked with her and the elderly man from across the street. They both are well over 80 and told us about their ailments. We walked down through the village and spoke to the children handed out toothbrushes and blankets to the newborns and expecting mothers.Marcy is trying to decide if she wants to bring home a baby or a puppy. Jack has his heart set on a puppy.Ben has found a wife, quite the exciting trip. Avacados are in season so we have tried those. The village looked like it is doing better and more people are working. After Wilson put air in the tire we went to the mountain school and talked about our plans for Thursday. We had though about painting but saw that the bathrooms are not working so we have a new project for Thursday digging and concrete  ..we are going to work on a old time basket ball hoop using a basket and make a volley ball net. Inside we have posters and supplies to make everything ready for school next week. We hope the children will help us. We visited the Mountain family and found them without food so we picked some up in Higuey. We left them with clothes and they were just so happy we stopped. They are the only Haitian Family and are not well excepted in the area. Off to Wilson's house Amarilli made french fries, fried chicken and rice it was great. A game of soccer with the kids and then to the store for provisions and prescriptions. Back to the Hotel at 7:00 bags to sort and dinner. Dinner was delightful and afterwards we gathered in a room and discussed our day together. Ben and Gloria printed pictures from earlier in the week so they can give pictures to the villages. It rained a bit today but we really don't mind. Off to bed and talk to you all tomorrow!