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Day 3

...phew today started off with a visit from Wilson and family, then the hotel surprised us with new rooms. Our last rooms were a 1/4 mile from everything now we are right in the center of things..Ben, Jack room  224, Anna Melissa and Gloria in 3217 and Marcy Kate and I are in 3226. So we packed everything grabbed lunch and headed to Joel and Elizabeth's. We heard more about the sponsor a child program and spent time with the church children. We drove to where the new church will be it is in a neighborhood that is developing quickly. We met neighbors Deb and Harry they were quite fun and we visited with them before returning to Joel's house for a children's service and a movie. Samson and Delilah doesn't end well lol, but the kids enjoyed it and a game of bingo. Back to the hotel by 8:00 and a quick supper. Our new rooms are nice and we are tired. More tomorrow.