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Day 2

    Today is Melissa's birthday ! We went to Elizabeth and Joel's house we spent time with their children Christopher and Davie. We talked a lot about their hopes for the church and all the children that need help. 
So many are hungry and can't afford the simple supplies they need to be able to attend School.We visited a school where many of the children that go to the church attend school. We were able to play Bi Lingual BINGO with them. We had the bags the vacation bible school children made for them with flip flops and we added school supplies. It was a lot of fun. were able to visit one families home and take photos. They were very nice and seemed happy to have visitors.
    We return to the hotel ate dinner  and serenaded Melissa with Happy Birthday.   After the school we went to the supermarket while Joel Elizabeth and Larry our other driver ate lunch we  shopped for food for the families in Hoya Clara.We got each family oil, rice, large can of sardines, beans. dried milk, salami, eggs pasta and sauce. We weren't able to drive all the way to Hoya Clara because of the road but we went as far as we could and they walked and road donkeys out to meet us, out to meet us.We greeted many children but the one that we will never forget is little Moses who has many health problems. Hoya Clara we returned to Joel and Elizabeth's hose to watch a presentation they put together about helping some of the children. They are hoping to start a child sponsorship program.    
Wilson stopped by the hotel and dropped off our phone, we talked about our plans for the week. Great day! God is great.