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Day 1

We arrived Bradley right on time this morning at 5:30. We were delayed into Philli because of fog but made our connecting flight. We landed in Punta Cana at 1:45 and made it through customs with just a little hiccup..Joel was there to meet us,all our bags went through and he onlt asked for some vitamins for his son. We arrived at the Hotel IFA about 4:30 and we were in our rooms by 5:00 we wondered around trying to acclimate ourselves and called Wilson about the phone. We will not have a phone till Monday but we have been in contact with everyone. Our rooms are fine the supplies are all sorted, we grabbed some dinner and we found the internet cafe and now have internet for a week.. We are meeting for breakfast at 88:00 and leaving for Joel and Elizabeth's at 9:00. God is good