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Day 4

posted Jan 11, 2012, 6:04 AM by Ernie Begin   [ updated Jan 11, 2012, 6:17 AM ]

The day started off with Joey, Wally & Ernie heading with Wilson to the wireless store to buy the internet equipment for Joel and Wilson.  The others stayed behind to pack because we had to move everything to the other resort in the morning.

The group with Wilson went to the first wireless store, Viva, to find that the equipment we wanted was no longer available and the monthly cost was more then originally thought.  The salesmen said he had a friend that could get us the equipment and he would call us.  When we got into the taxi, Wilson suggested we go to Orange (formally known as French Telecom).  The store was just across the street and they had exactly what we wanted for less per month.  It took us a while at the store, but we met lots of interesting charecters like a California man who moved down here and one of the men from the airport who tried to help us get through customs.

When we arrived back at the hotel the luggage was ready so we packed it up with Wilson and Sue who went off to the new hotel while we waited and set up the new wireless.

The major destination for the day was Wilson's house in Higuey.  We had a lot of school supplies for the local children, as well as clothes and some shoes.  When we arrived at Wilsons we were immediately overrun by children.  We also quickly noticed that Wilson had started trying to build a cement holding tank for water that was 8' x 10', but because of flooding earlier in the year it had filled and there were fish and other things living in the water.  Wilson explained that water was very expensive to buy by the jug and that he needed a place to store more water.  We will see what we can do to help.

After a few minutes a woman came from a house down the street and told Wilson that men from the bank had come to her house and told her she would have to leave if she didn't pay what she owed.  We talked to her and she explained she has not paid in three months because her boyfriend left and there was no work, but she had work now selling food on the road.  She needed $250 to stop the bank from evicting her and her children.  We told Wilson we will see what we can do to help.

At this point Helen and Kim came to find Jen because there was a 14 year old boy named Edward who had been in a motorcycle accident and his leg was severly infected. He could hardly walk and appeared to be in a lot of pain. Jen found some Motrin and gave it to him for the time being to help the pain and swelling.  We quickly ate the wonderful lunch that Wilson's wife had made us, bought some ice cream for the 40 children, and got back in the van to bring Edward to the clinic.

We dropped him and his mother off at the clinic and went to the supermarket since the doctor would not be back for an hour.  At the supermarket we bought supplies for some families that Joel and Elizabeth know that live "off in the woods" away from the roads.  We also got some cookies for the pre-school.

When we arrived back at the clinic, Edward had seen the doctor and he had drained the wound and given him some anti-biotics.  Wilson knew the doctor,  so the whole thing only cost $14.  We brought the family back to their house and we were off to Joel's house because at the store we had bought a cake for Christopher's birthday on Wednesday. 

We had a nice visit with Joel and Elizabeth, they were very excited to have the internet and to see our new webpage.  It was getting late so we had to get to the new resort to check-in. 

The new place is great, but the internet is very expensive so we will post when we can.