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Day 3

posted Jan 11, 2012, 6:03 AM by Ernie Begin

Our day started off with Wilson being right on time for the first time... only he forgot to bring his family so he had to go back to get them from Higuey.  Joel and Elizabeth came with Elizabeth's brother Sam and his wife Judy, who got married over the summer.  Altogether once Wilson got back we had 20 people at the hotel.  It was a fun day of playing with the kids at the pool and watching Wilson eat his weight at the buffet.

We also had time to talk about our plan for the week and to catch up with Joel.  Joel mentioned that he respects his current church very much but he wants to start teaching more and focusing on keeping the teachings simple.  Because of this he is considering seperating from the church.  He was concerned that this would mean that we would not continue to come and work with him since we had started the mission with the church.  We explained to him that although we would continue to help his church, we felt called to help and support him in what he felt called to do for God.

We had brought an Amazon Kindle for Joel that had biblical teachings pre-loaded. We gave it to him and explained how to use it.  We also exchanged gifts with all of the kids who were very excited.

When we returned to our rooms at the end of the day there was a note saying that the hotel was looking for people to change resorts because they are overbooked.  The note said that in exchange for moving they would give us 7 free nights to use within a year.  We jumped at the chance and will be changing hotels tomorrow.  This meant that we had to pack up all of the stuff in the bags we had just unloaded, so we spent the night organizing and packing.

We are all excited to go to Higuey tomorrow and see Wilson's house.