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Day 2

posted Jan 9, 2012, 7:03 AM by Ernie Begin

Today was a catch-up day. After the drama about the bags we got to the hotel to find that our rooms werent ready so they upgraded us temporarily. This was nice because they were nice rooms but it also meant we couldn't unpack until we got our perminent rooms.

Eventually our rooms were ready and we took three golf carts filled with our bags to the closest room. There we spent hours sorting and organizing all of the provisions. We will post pictures of everything, it seemed like a lot more when we unpacked it in the hotel room then when we orginally packed it at the church.

We had told Wilson we wanted to go to church today at 6:00pm, but 6:30 rolled around and still no Wilson. We called him from the lobby phone and found out that his Taxi had broken down and he wouldn't be able to make it. At this point we asked the hotel to get us a taxi that took us to the church, which meant even with trying to leave so much earlier this year we were late again.

The church service was very moving even though we didn't understand much. They welcomed us warmly and Joel stood up to introduce us. We were even lucky enough to see the sister of a girl that Sue met on one of her first trips dedicate her baby. Towards the end of the service a man stood up and started talking, Joel explained that he had just found out he had a problem with his heart and he was asking for a special offering. Afterwards, Joel and Ernie went and talked to him to see how bad the condition is and what he needed. He explained that he needed more tests and that he would be going tomorrow to the city of San Pedro. Joel gave him his number and asked him to call afterwards to let us know how the tests went.

It ends up that even though we came a lot earlier this year there is another school holiday tomorrow so we invited Joel and Wilson's families to the hotel for the day. It will give us time to see the kids and to plan the week. We can also go to the local Viva wireless store and start setting up the wifi hotspots