Day 5

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:25 PM by Ernie Begin

It was our last work day in the Dominican today.  We started the day by buying high blood pressure medicine for a woman in Hoya Clara with dangerously high blood pressure.  Robyn took her blood pressure yesterday and told her that she gets headaches every day.

Then, we visited a school in the mountain village we visited Wednesday.  School is not in session yet, but the teacher came and invited all the students to meet with us.  We sang songs with them, and made bracelets.  Then, we gave them all some school supplies.  We also left a bag with the teacher of supplies he can use for his lessons.  He teaches 1-4th grade for all the children in the village.  The older children have to walk a long way to continue their schooling.

We also returned to the clinic in the village with the medicine we bought them on Wednesday.  They were very happy to have more supplies to provide the villagers with proper care.

Then, we went to Wilson’s grandmother’s village.  Wilson had to give his mother insulin.  We gave blankets and first aid kits to other families in the area.

On the way home, we went to a beach called Macau.  It is a beautiful beach not many tourists have access to.  Wilson ordered us fish that was caught from the beach earlier that morning.

Tomorrow we are heading home.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, they were much appreciated!!