Day 4

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:24 PM by Ernie Begin

Today was quite an adventure! We went to Hoya Clara, a remote village that was once flourishing.  Now, most people have left to work at the airports and so the people left have a hard time sustaining their community.  We brought them supplies to build a garden so they can grow corn and beans and become more self-sustainable.

There is no real road to Hoya Clara, so we had to ride on the back of a truck and trek down a very hilly dirt road. We were ducking for tree branches the whole way.  The road ends before you reach the village, so we had to hike the rest of the way.

The village itself is beautiful though! Well worth the journey.  And the people have a great need since they are so off the beaten path.  We gave the children clothes, and toys, and made bracelets with them.  We also gave the teacher a cart, so that she can go throughout the villages to the spread out homes and reach all the children who need an education.  The men will start work on the garden this week.  Robyn and Kim also took the blood pressure of the adults in the village so make sure it was not unhealthily high.  They were very appreciative and fun to hang out with.

At night we went to church with Joel and his family.  Joel runs a program for the kids before the service that we also attended.  They sang songs, like “Father Abraham” in Spanish, and then we made bracelets with them too.  Robyn explained how each bead on the bracelet represented a part of Christ’s story.  She told the children if Christ’s love made them happy, this bracelet could serve as a way for them to share that with other children.

At the actual church service, they invited us up as guests to introduce ourselves.  Sue sang a vacation bible school song and the rest of us acted as her backup singers.  Even with the language difference it is always possible to share our love for God.

Tomorrow is our last day out so pray for us! Pictures of our adventure today will follow tomorrow!


The Dominican Team