Day 2

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:23 PM by Ernie Begin

Today it was hot! So we spent most of the morning sorting and organizing through all the supplies that were generously donated to us.  Now, we have a plan of who to give what to when we go into the villages and to various schools later in the week.

We are planning to build a garden in Hoya Clara, a very poor, secluded village, later in the week.  Hopefully their ability to grow beans will help their community become self-sustainable.  Today we did a lot of planning for that, too.  We figured out what tools we would need from Joel, our Dominican friend who works with the children from Hoya Clara.  We went to the hardware store and ordered the supplies we need, like hoes, seeds, chicken wire, wood and hammers.  It will be delivered to Joel’s house later in the week so we can bring it to the people of Hoya Clara.

We took some time to rest and rejuvenate today, too.  While we were on the beach we met a Haitian missionary who works at the hotel during the day and teaches Haitian children who are not allowed to go to school here at night.  He invited us to join him at one of his classes tomorrow night.  We are planning to bring him school supplies and help him out tomorrow with his work.

We are praying that the weather is slightly cooler tomorrow, so we have energy to accomplish a lot and truly make an impact while we are down here.  Keep us in your prayers too!


The Dominican Team