Day 1

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:23 PM by Ernie Begin

Yesterday we arrived safely in the Dominican after a long day of traveling.  Today we set out and started working.  Wilson, our trusted taxi driver and close friend down here picked us up and took us all over.  First, we went to a clinic in the mountains we visit each trip to ask the doctor what medications they needed.  He gave us a long list, including glucose test strips to use with a diabetes test we bought them last year! The doctor was very grateful.  He said the government sends him supplies, but sometimes they just end up being empty boxes.  This is frustrating because the people in the village end up suffering.

We also visited a family we met last year that also lives in the mountain village.  The mom told us all she needs right now is uniforms for her children.  We took down their sizes so we could help her with this small, selfless request.

Then, we went to visit Wilson’s grandma in the hospital.  She has diabetes and hasn’t been able to get insulin, so she is doing very poorly.  We had brought insulin for her from home and wanted to make sure she got it today.  The hospital they had her in was very sad.  We also gave her a blanket because there was nothing, not even sheets, on her bed there.

After that we went to Wilson’s house where his wife kindly made us lunch.  His family was excited to see us and showed us all the changes they’ve been making to their home.  One of his neighbors approached us and told us his wife miscarried a baby and was in a lot of pain.  All she wanted was tylonel for her pain, which we were happy to offer her.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to shopping.  We bought school uniforms and shoes for the family we met up with earlier in the day and for Wilson’s children.  We also went to the pharmacy to get everything the doctor asked for at the clinic.

The weather has been rainy since we got here, but luckily it’s made it not too hot for work.  Keep us in your prayers this week– we have a lot more work to do!

The Dominican Team August 2012