Day 4

posted Aug 28, 2012, 7:28 PM by Jennifer Binns
On Friday, as a precaution, we stayed back at the hotel. We were fortunate to have only felt some strong winds and a little rain...and it appears that even during a "tropical storm" you can acquire some serious color (oops). We were thankful to have shelter from the stormy conditions that did arrive that night, and were wishing the best for those who were not so fortunate - in the Dominican and Haiti. 
Saturday, we were eating breakfast and were shocked to see Wilson had arrived and was waving at us through the window. For a guy who runs on island time, him being 20 minutes early caught us a bit off guard! We finished quickly and were on our way to Joel's house. When we arrived, we were greeted by his wife Elizabeth and his two sins, Christopher and Davie. Joel arrived a few minutes later with shopping bags filled with food for the family we were going to meet. This is a family that none of the groups from Second Baptist have met. Joel told us about them on the way to their home. They are a family of five adults. They are extremely poor and often go without food for days. When we arrived, the two women came up to us and gave us big hugs. One of the women was emaciated and had torn clothing. The two men were seated, one a 93 year old and the other a younger man, possibly in his 20s. The younger man is non verbal, but he waved at us and shook our hands. The women showed us their home - it was two rooms and then a kitchen/shed out back. Joel explained that they did not own this house, but we're allowed to stay there by the people who owned it. We provided them with some clothes, food, and some of the Beneprotein - which we explained to save for times when they had no food. They thanked us and couldn't stop smiling as we said goodbye.  
After making a pit stop at the house of one of Joel's friends who helps him find families in need, we moved on to a group of kids that Joel wanted us to meet. These kids are part of a class that Joel teaches. They were all very well mannered and when we arrived, they all said in unison "Bienvenidos!" which means welcome. They showed off some of their knowledge (we weren't sure what they were saying, but it seemed like they were answering Joel's rapid fire quiz questions correctly), and sang us a couple of songs. We hung out for a little bit and I found yet another adorable baby girl to give some clothes to. There were a couple of little boys with cuts on their faces and knees, so nurse Jessica stepped into action and put Bacitracin on them and gave them packets of it to keep. After a photo shoot with the kids (they all love the camera!), we got a hearty and in unison "See you later!" from all the kids and were on our way. We went back to Joel's house. He showed us the second level of his house and said that we will be helping him build when we return. Up there he will have a classroom for his teachings and an office for the Light of Hope foundation. We hung out with his family and talked about future plans. We had hoped to be able to go to Hoyo Claro this time, but Joel and Wilson said it was too dangerous now - especially after the storm. Most of the supplies we brought with us were for that village - most importantly books for the teacher. We put all the supplies in one suitcase and left it for Joel to take another time. Before we left, we were treated by Joel to lunch at a restaurant down the street. It was a delicious traditional Dominican meal of chicken, rice, beans and avocado. Yum! It was the perfect way to end the day.