Day 1

posted Aug 28, 2012, 7:23 PM by Jennifer Binns
We arrived safely in Punta Cana and made it through customs without any problems. Because it was two of us and we didn't have a lot, we put our supplies in two suitcases instead of duffel bags. As we passed the agents who have stopped us in the past, we smiled our biggest smiles, said "Hola! Como estas?" They were impressed by our ability to speak "Un poquito de Español," so they let us right problemo. Once we got through, we breathed a sigh of relief and were thankful that some simple charm was all it took for our belongings to be safe. We went outside and walked over to the group of men wearing the pink shirts of Wilson's taxi company. They all wanted to give us a ride, but I said "Donde estas Wilson?" It took a couple tries, but he finally said "Ohhh WILsooon!"(as if that's not what I was saying the whole time.) Wilson appeared and we were on our way. Once we got to the hotel, we relaxed for a bit and later that night sorted through our donations for the next day.