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Day 7

posted Jan 1, 2012, 4:59 PM by Ernie Begin
Our last full day was a slow day but still filled with many treasures.  We went to Macao in the morning which is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs on one side.  Wilson joined us for a swim and we all got our necessary sun-burns / tans so we can gloat when we get back.

We wanted to go to Juanito’s church in the evening which meant we would miss dinner at the hotel, so we went out to a place that Wilson suggested.  It was quite an experience.  Wilson told us that all the flies on the sea food meant it was good.  We were skeptical but the food was good.

Then we were off to church.  Joel and his family joined us and we went to the tiny church down a long dirt road across from the resorts.  Everyone had arrived before us and looked forward to watching the movie we brought.  Ernie set up the projector and they hooked it up to the sound system.  Joel picked the story of David and Goliath to show them.  He explained the meaning and just before it started Manuel came walking in (crutch free!).  He looked great!  We took some photos that we will post shortly.  We gave out the rest of our supplies and it was time to go.

Tonight when we got back we talked a lot about the week and what it meant to us.  We each had our own experiences and are so grateful to the people here to invite us into their homes and lives.

Another successful trip, tomorrow will be filled with sad goodbyes.