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Day 6

posted Jan 1, 2012, 4:58 PM by Ernie Begin
So this morning Wilson picked us up as usual. However our ride to Higuey was very energetic for 9 am because Wilson bought a Backstreet Boys CD. All the girls (and Conner) sang all the way to Wilson’s village. When we arrived we were greeted by only a few residents. But as we took the backpacks and army bags out of the van we were surrounded by many ecstatic moms, dads, grandparents and many many children.

After handing out pencils, paper, scissors, soccer balls, and most obnoxious of all kazoos, we sat down to lunch that Wilson’s wife had cooked us. While we were eating a girl about 5 years old showed us her feet. They each had 6 toes on them and her right hand had an extra finger. She explained her left hand used to have 6 fingers but fer family cut it off. “Lots of blood” she told us. We also met another boy who showed us what looked to be a cyst on his stomach and leg. Sue made the mother promise to bring the boy to the clinic and gave her money to cover the cost. 

After lunch we played soccer  with the children and talked to a lot of people in the village. All of them were extremely welcoming and happy to have us there. A family invited Helen into their house and gave her a homemade candle the daughter had made. The people and the atmosphere of the entire community was amazing.

When we left Wilson’s village we picked up the two missionaries and drove to the orphanage. We were suprised to find the place in very good condition. Compared to what we had seen it was large and very clean. We gave out school supplies and showed more Bible story videos. They seemed to really enjoy it. There were 17 boys that lived there between the ages of 5 to 15. All of them were just happy and cheerful, also very well mannered.

Before we headed home we traveled to Wilson’s grandmothers store where we gave his family more medicine and vitamins. Just like everyone we had met in the Dominican, they were extremely grateful and happy to see us. 

All in all it was an extremely successful day. We are sad we only have one day left but plan on making the best of it.

Btw Ernie didn’t feel like writing today so this is Helen (: