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Day 5

posted Jan 1, 2012, 4:58 PM by Ernie Begin
Today was action packed.  The first destination was the nearest city Higuey.  It took us an hour and a half to get there on all back roads.  We had written a long list of things that the people we met yesterday needed.  Sadly when we arrived at the pharmacy / supermarket the prices were much higher then we expected.  Almost everything was the same or more then it was in the US.  The only exception was the medicine, although we wanted to buy a lot so it added up quickly.

On the way there Wilson was saying that he wasn’t feeling too well because of allergies so Jen gave him a Claritin Melt-Away.  Wilson put it under his tounge and then started to laugh and ask us where it went.  It worked right away and he was absolutely amazed.  We tried to get some at the pharmacy but they didn’t have the melt-aways so we got him some of the pills.

All told we spent $298 at the pharmacy.  Reciepts will follow.  While Jen and Allison were dealing with the medicine everyone else had their jobs.  Helen and Kim were responsible for the family we met near the clinic where the single mother was raising 6 kids.  Sue, Connor and Corey worked on things for the clinic, pre-school & everyone else.

Not to be repetitive but we continued to be amazed at the prices.  Some of the people had asked for diapers but the cost of them was equivalent to a day or two’s work.  We bought as much as we could, but wished we could do more.  The bill for the supplies was $280.

We had a quick stop off at another pharmacy for insulin and then headed towards the “mountain school.”  Everyone was really excited about bringing the things we brought to the family.  We were able to get them shoes, some clothes, rice, beans, rope for a clothesline,  and other little things.  The mother wasn’t home but the oldest daughter and the next door neighbor were so happy.  We left the supplies and then went to the clinic.

At the clinic another doctor was there who spoke better English.  We got all of the diabetes supplies working and left them along with the stuff we bought at the pharmacy.  We spent a lot of time making sure the doctor understood everything and then it was to the school for a quick stop with some crayons and medicine for the teacher.  Jen explained the dosage and he was very happy to see us.  We realized when trying to explain the medicine that for the most part the people here don’t have the concept of preventative medicine.  He understood that he should take it when he was having trouble breathing but he had a hard time getting that he should take some every day to prevent an asthma attack.

It was too early to go to the pre-school so we stopped again at Wilson’s grandmothers to visit the village across the street.  We met some old friends and found more things they needed that we would need to buy tomorrow.  Jen was able to find the new born that we met last year.  He is now a healthy one year old who is very adorable.

The day ended with the preschool, we ended up staying for nearly 3 hours.  We showed a movie of David and the Lion’s Den with the projector and made necklaces and gave them crackers with nutella and peanut butter.  The kids were so cute and happy.  We had a hard time leaving but eventually had to go.

A long but good day.  Pictures and movies to follow.