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Day 4

posted Jan 1, 2012, 4:57 PM by Ernie Begin
We were up early to get some breakfast before meeting wilson at 9.  We filled the van with 15 backpacks and off we went.  The first stop was the clinic in the mountains as we call it.  There was a nurse there who was very happy to see us.  We had some difficulty explaining what all of the different medications were for so we decided that tomorrow we would buy a medical dictionary to help us.

The kids at the school remembered us and the teacher was so kind.  We gave out calculators and notebooks, pens and pencils.  Today is about finding out what people need so that when we go to Higuey we can buy only what is needed.  The teacher said that more crayons and large paper would help.  The clinic only asked for a few things mainly they just needed tylenol.  On our way out of the school Wilson asked the teacher how he was and he mentioned that he was having trouble with Asthma so we will get him an inhaler tomorrow.

On the way to the preschool we saw some children watching us and decided to stop and give them some school supplies.  Their mother came out and we asked if we could come into her house.  She invited us in and we took many pictures and ended up giving her many of our home supplies like blankets and pillows.  She was a mother of 6 and there father was gone.  We asked her what she needed and all she said was formula for the youngest so we will get that in Higuey.

Our last stop was the preschool but we were early so we stopped off at Wilson’s grandmothers.  As always she was glad to see us and we all sat around talking and drinking sodas from her store.  We told them we would come back again and headed towards the preschool.  When we arrived they still hadn’t started so we sent someone looking for the teacher.  One of the kids from last year recognized us and collected the other children.  Before we knew it we were surrounded so we all piled out of the van and started taking pictures and giving out supplies.  The photo printers we brought were a big success.  They take a while to print but the kids were so happy to have pictures of themselves.  Once the teacher arrived we headed inside to paint and play with bubbles.  We quickly ran out of stuff and decided we would have to visit again tomorrow.