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Day 1

posted Jan 1, 2012, 4:55 PM by Ernie Begin
Our first day was a rousing success.  For the past few weeks we have been attempting to contact our driver Wilson without any success.  So we printed a picture of him (and his grandmother) and got on the plane with faith we would find him.

The flights were slightly delayed due to fog in Miami but otherwise uneventful.  We arrived at the beautiful Punta Cana airport and found our bags had arrived safely.  We were just about out of the airport when a customs agent stopped us and asked if he could search ALL of our bags.  Sixteen fifty pound bags to search through.  We told him what the supplies were for but they started the search anyway.  About 15 minutes later they were searching the fourth bag and found some of the tylonol, asprin and vitamins.  They insisted on checking each bottle’s expiration!  after another 10 minutes of going through a tenth of what we brought they had found only one bottle of tylenol that had expired.  The customs agents looked at the rest of the bags, looked at us and just gave up and let us through.

On the way out the airport Sue saw a taxi cab driver and decided to show him Wilson’s picture.  Wouldn’t you know that not only did he know Wilson but Wilson had just been there.  After a quick radio conversation Wilson returned to the airport.  Ernie stayed behind to wait for him and everyone else went in the hotel van.

Wilson arrived and had all sorts of news to share.  He was very eager to tell us he had just had a baby boy Winsor.  Apparently he had tried to email us but it must have been caught in the SPAM filter.  Wilson let us know that Monday is a holiday here so there is no school and because of the holiday the church we normally go to all went to Santo Domingo for the weekend.  So for Sunday there isn’t much to do other then visit with Wilson and go to church later tonight when everyone returns.

On a side note Kim and Helen met another group of people from Minnisota who are here to do the same thing.  We have been talking to them and we may join them for some of their excursions and they may join us.

The place we are staying is very nice, ends up it is apartments they are renting out as hotel rooms to try to get people to buy them.  So the sales pressure is a bit much but everyone is nice.

All of our supplies made it here in good shape, we got organized and pictures will follow shortly.

God Bless