August 2018

August Trip 2018

Well we arrived on time and were able to get through customs with all of our supplies. It was nice to see Wilson’s face waiting for us , we loaded everything on the taxi and made her way to our hotel .It was a pretty uneventful night . 


We woke up this morning at 7 o’clockWe got breakfast for Wilson and we’re in the taxi and on our way at 9 o’clock .Wilson’s son Winsor came with us. He is seven years old now. 

We met with a pastor in Higuey he introduced us to a woman named Judy. Judy’s husband had passed away while constructing their house. After much discussion we were on our way to see the work Judy’s husband had done. In the town of Otro Banda we saw that she was now living in a tin shack with her three children but the construction her husband had started was pretty well underway. We called Enrique who had worked with us in past on Elveta’s house and he said thought he could complete the construction for $350. We will meet him there tomorrow.That doesn’t seem Like a bad price since all we saw were some cinder block walls.The pastor from the church said some men from the church will help tomorrow too. We hope it will be done by Friday. 


We stopped at the school to check out the pavilion we had built in January. There were concrete slab tables and soon there will be benches for the kids to sit on. We will use the same contractor as last time.


Our last stop of the day was the clinic. We met Rosie a fun doctor who will be a trauma doctor after her rotation. She was eager to share about her experiences in this village. One problem she has had is that that the families don’t come to the clinic. We decided that we would initiate a get together and leave school supplies at the clinic so that she can meet more of the families. 


Today was such a blessing and one of our biggest joys was handing out the dresses that June’s quilting group “Granville Quilt Guild”had made for the children, 21 of them ! Bright colored dresses with a pocket ,and thanks to your supplies a new pair of undies , a tooth brush and toothpaste to go with each dress. 


Tomorrow we will go back to the school with the supplies for making new benches. Meet with the teachers about the school year and with the “principal “ about education opportunities for the kids that complete the 6th grade here. We will pick up medicine in Higuey and help at Judy’s house. Thank you for your prayers... God Bless


Today wasn’t. the most exciting of days but we did manage to get a lot done .we started off at 9 o’clock at the school and had a meeting with the teachers they expressed a need for a fence around the pavilion and a door and maybe in the future some type of metal rods in the window to keep people out at night. We talked a lot about the children that they now have enrolled and their plans for the future they have four kids that are moving to sixth grade.
When we left there we went to meet with the education officials we learn through an interpreter that the government is thinking of opening middle school to children that can’t afford to pay. The middle school that is about 8 miles from the mountain school could handle our children they would just need transportation at about $1.50 a day. I’m going to speak to someone tomorrow about transporting all the children together at a discounted rate. We talked about their hopes for the children and improving quality of the school. At some point the other room I The school I The mountains could be used for middle school but right now there are not enough children to support a new teacher.
After our meeting we went to Higuey and had lunch with Wilson and his family we visited for a while and then went to the pharmacy . We had quite a list of medicines to pick up for Dr. Rosie. It still amazes me that you just need a list of medicine no prescriptions and we left with a full bag of meds. 

We went and ordered the supplies for the benches and an extra table for the pavilion at the mountain school . The extra table will be used for teaching but also as a buffet when the children are eating lunch. Cinderblocks cement and an entire list of supplies will be delivered tomorrow morning so that they can start the work. 

We stopped at Judy’s house and the workers are putting up more cinderblocks so we should be able to start the roof late tomorrow or Friday morning. It’s still our hope to have it all done by Saturday . About 3 o’clock we went to Pastor Joel’s and Elizabeth’s house to drop off the supplies and the medication that we had brought. It was so nice to see their church and all the little improvements that they’ve made . Elizabeth is quite crafty and everything looked so nice. We saw pictures of this Sunday’s service and how full the church ,was we talked about their hopes for the future and their need for screen or large TV to show videos and the words to the songs for Sunday services on. Elizabeth shared about her extravaganza for while women of the church. Last year the theme was “
growth “and it was Catapillar’s to butterflies this year it is entitled “The essence of women “ and she hopes to have it at a local hotel we spoke about vacation Bible school for next year because elizabeth remembers when she was a child how much she enjoyed it. we showed the photos of the vacation Bible school program at our church.
Got back to the hotel about 6:30, it’s funny how a day with so many meetings seems so much longer then a day when you just get to play with children. We’re anxious about tomorrow to meet more kids to get some work done . thank you for your continued prayers.God Bless

Well today started off with beautiful sunshine. at 9 o’clock we left the hotel .we were very excited when we got to the mountain school and the supplies were all there and the workers had already started mixing the cement .we measured everything out and figured out where we wanted the benches and they began cementing them together. It was very interesting watching the guys do the concrete work . They used all kinds of old lumber. As straight edges. And everything is so basic.

Leaving the school supply’s with Dr. Rosie is working well. She met 4 new families  yesterday. She was so happy with all the medicine we had bought.

We went to Otra Banda to check out Judy’s house the progress was good yesterday ,but they were unable to finish the cinderblock walls , so that will need to be done early tomorrow morning. One of the men that were working on the house went home sick so we are trying to get somebody to take his place. 


We met lots more children while handing out school supplies, and dresses too. We saw one little boy age 6 who had an eye problem. The Neighbor said he has had it for a longtime but hasn’t seen a doctor. Tomorrow we will Bring him to the clinic. We couldn’t go today because we couldn’t find his mother. 

We visited with Judy’s neighbors and sat and shared water and some of the donuts from the resort. 

We have good news, the baby in the photo has something they call “tinea” it’s a parasite like ringworm. The medicine seems to be working a simple cream to put on it twice a day. Very happy baby and Mom .


We are running low on money so we will have to wait on the screen for the church because it is quite expensive. With their love of music and enthusiasm it will be a great asset. I know they are saving for it too. 

We are working hard to finish the school and the roof. Keep us your prayers..

PS we saw one of the little girls we had given a dress to skipping happily down the road this morning. God is Great

What an awesome day the sun is still shining and it was another beautiful day. We got to the mountain school about 9:30 we brought breakfast for the workers and talked for a few minutes about how their night was sleeping at school. 

I walked around and honestly I thought they could’ve made a little more progress . The procedure is quite unique to island living. They had one bench finished.  They have old wood scrapes that they make the form with and then they pour the concrete. They wait 6 hours for it to set and while it’s drying they resurface a column and then sit with friends in the shade and talk and laugh.

I said to the older man ,”why didn’t you just make all the forms and then pour them all at the same time.”

He took my hand and we sat in the shade on my “chair” they made me. He explained that he lived in Higuey not far from Wilson and it is hot and he doesn’t have a lot of work. He said that here in the mountains it is beautiful with a nice breeze and people who bring him food and water. He asked when the children would need the benches done and I told him they return to school August 21st.

I wasn’t sure if he was kidding and asked if he would have them done tomorrow .

He said, “that’s why in the Dominican you pay by the job not by the hour.”

He laughed and said ,”yes but this was the first vacation he had had in a while.”

So I sat down beside him and we rested in the shade watching concrete dry. And sometimes I moved my chair into the sun and enjoyed my mountain beach.

I need to live here and spend more time with Carlos and friends.


After lunch we went to check on Judy’s house and to give her children some blankets and backpacks. They say they will be done by Sunday. We helped Judy sort through the stuff in the shack and hung up what was wet and threw away what she couldn’t save. She must have told us a hundred times how this was an answer to her prayer.


We gave away the rest of the dresses and some school supplies to some children at the far end of a dirt road. They were so excited and their grandmother wanted one too. I finally handed it to her 
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